1 Thing Successful Musicians Have In Common + More Great Independent Music

Successful musicians have certain character traits, or “redeeming” qualities that set them apart from the 99.6% of the rest of the artists out there. In this episode of The Miews, Shaine shares what one of those key traits are, and how every band can find success by making the right adjustments. Also included on this episode is our popular, #MiewsicMonday (#musicmonday) playlist, where we get to share some of the awesome new music we’re discovering from unsigned, DIY artists you have to check out.


  • Everlit (@EverlitMusic) “Break Away”
  • Tokyo Rosenthal (@TokyoRosenthal) “Shreveport”
  • Kat Deal (@KatLDeal) “I Shot The Sheriff (Live)”
  • Charity (@SingCharity) “Pretty”
  • Elessar Thiessen (@ElessarThiessen) “I Need A Woman”
  • JBlingCity Band (@JBlingCityBand) “Beyond The Green Fence”